Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chicken Stuff and a Hawk Scare!

I had let my chickens out in the yard, (the fenced in area I made), and I was in the family room.  I just happened to look out of the window at the right time as a large red tailed hawk landed in the tree over looking the yard.  I RAN out into the yard and collected my girls getting them into their covered area and I chased the hawk away.  Well, I waved my arms around.  I don't suppose he was too scared.  I will have to sit out with my girls from now on since Mr Hawk knows where they are!!!

When I checked my garden today, I found this gross tomato hornworm trying to make short work of one of my green tomatoes.  They are huge!!  I pulled it off which was no easy task as they really attach themselves to what they are eating!  I ran with it over to my chickens and threw it in before it got me!!
The girls ran up to it, pecked it a couple times but seemed a little timid!  They talked about it amongst themselves for a long time!  I don't know which one actually got to eat it but it was gone when I went back to look!

I also picked some herbs and rose petals from my garden and put them in the chickies nesting boxes.  Gives the boxes a pleasant smell and is also good to keep down any bugs that may be around.
The girls weren't quit sure about their colorful quarters but finally accepted the new decor.



  1. I think the girls just stopped to smell the roses..So happy you were able to save the girls from that bad bird that was up to no good...scary..great post...

  2. The Pres just pulled off one of those thorny tomato worms the other day, too was huge! Glad you got out there just in time to save the are so fast and such hunters!...:)JP


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