Saturday, February 21, 2015

Before Pinterest

Why didn't I think of Pinterest!!!
I spent hours cutting out pictures and putting them in this notebook.
It is jam-packed full of favorite things.

Here are just a few of the pages.

I had cut out a lot of kitchen pictures before I had mine redone.  It's surprising the number of things that I did duplicate in mine.  This kitchen has the soapstone counters like mine.
The drawer handles, backboard beading, white cabinets and farm sink the same.

Here's a picture of my new kitchen shortly after it was done.
(Believe me it has not been this clutter free since then!!)

I do have a picnic basket and got some red and white fabric to line it with.  I think I've had one picnic in the yard with my grandkids.

These old floors are like mine.
And I do have a croquet set if I could only find it!!!
When I do, my sister is going to play croquet with me this summer!!  And that's that!!

Many pictures to inspire my gardens.

I love painted furniture.

When I redo my bathrooms, I want an old claw tub!!  Nice and deep.

One of my big loves . . . Windsor chairs of all types!!
I did find some and painted them black and they are in my dining room.

This is my dining room and the chairs I found.
Pretty close!

My Pinterest page is now filled with many things on many boards.
Makes things easy.
But there's something nice about having the tactile, real paper pictures of things.
I supposed it's like having a real book instead of the ones on a Kindle.
Did you used to do this or do you still?


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  1. I never did a book yet wish I had. I am not yet completely used to Pinterest and have to learn how to use it!...:)JP


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