Monday, February 2, 2015

Sign of Spring!

First sign of the hope of Spring.
The first seed catalog has arrived.
Instantly makes me start thinking and planning my gardens!
Both perennial flowers and vegetables.
I need two more raised bed boxes.
(hint:  Bob : ))

I have to buy some blueberry bushes this year!!

I love planting potatoes!  It's like finding buried treasure in the fall.

Then, of course , there's tomatoes, which I buy the plants at the garden center.

And green beans, yummm.

There's nothing like the sweetness of homegrown carrots and beets!

I always find a new herb or two to add to my herb garden.

Awww, lavender.  I'm going to buy some big plants this spring.

I need a new hydrangea too.  That Harlequin is one I don't have.

Can't forget the butterflies.

And the hummingbirds and bees.

No English garden would be complete without foxglove.
Mine reseed themselves really well but here are some colors I don't have.

I love sunflowers but mine didn't do well last summer??

I know these guys are considered pests but look how cute!!

Well, that made me feel better just looking through the catalogue!
Hurry up Spring.
The ground hog said we have 6 more weeks of winter though!
However, Ohio has their own weather predicting ground hog since 1970.  His name is Buckeye Chuck and he didn't see his shadow, so I like his prediction better!!
He has his own website too.

Stay warm folks. . . it's still snowing here!


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  1. Still snowing here too, Shirley. Getting that catalogue would make me smile and dream too!...:)JP


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