Friday, February 13, 2015

Continuing My Uncensored House Tour

I'll continue on with a view of my house today.
This is what I call the library.
I don't know what it originally was but it's where I have my shelves of many books and my computer so I deemed it "the library"!
Here is where I'm sitting right now!

This is an antique step-back cupboard that we got in PA.  It is one piece and weighs a ton.
Let me tell you, it was not easy getting it home and into the house!

As you can see, there's "stuff" all over everywhere!
The de-cluttering task seems overwhelming to me!
That chair is a catch-all, that's for sure!

This is my favorite rug.

Here's some of my horse books.
I also have a lot of dog books (of course).
I have many garden and herb books and most of my fiction are mysteries and thrillers.

OK, if you're brave enough I'll give you a peek at the "office".
It is now a catch-all room and where I keep all my dishes that I use for tablesetting, lots of crafts
and just stuff!

These draws mostly hold napkins, napkin rings, place mats and candles.

A little craft closet.

My knitting, crochet basket.  I should start doing that again.
As soon as I get a minute.
I can't even seem to get my puzzle done!

Well, this has given me a headache.
I hope it didn't do the same to you!
We'll venture upstairs in the next blog.



  1. I love your "real" house! You look like you have a lot of shelves for your precious items. I love the rug and the green fireplace front, too. I am not brave enough to show what my house looks like. I am afraid someone might call that certain tv show!

  2. Your house is so comfortable!! I love being there on my little vacations ;-)


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