Sunday, February 15, 2015

What Do You Collect?

One of the things I love and have collected over the years are antique, (and some not so old), stools.
I love to stack them and just put other things on them.  They come in very handy.

My favorite is this old 3 legged milking stool with an old berry bucket on top.

These three are stacked in the corner of my kitchen.

I re-strapped this shaker stool but then the cat got at it!

My bed stool.  My beds are high so I need a step!

This isn't old but so handy to have in my kitchen!

What things do you collect?



  1. My connection must be affected by this blizzard, took a long time to load your site but I made it....really love "old stuff"....always just says "home"...:)JP

  2. I love your stools! But I am really truly in love with the children's books tied with a ribbon! I love vintage children's books! What do I collect? If you ask my husband - everything!

    1. Thanks Miss Merry. Oh that's only one of the things I collect. That's why I have a problem de-cluttering. I guess I don't really believe all the stuff is really clutter!! (Except maybe old clothes!)


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