Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Favorite Wall Pictures

I have some favorite wall pictures that I'll show here.  I have more but only a certain amount of wall space and I don't like walls covered with pictures so now and again I trade off.

This picture has two things I love.  The old chipped white door and the little wren.

This picture I got at a house sale right across the street.  We have a ton of these little red squirrels around here so here's to them!!

This picture I always liked because I think this is how I have pictured myself when I was young if I had lived in the country then!

This was a gift I gave to my husband when we had our first black lab.

And , of course this famous picture of the arabs called "The Pharaho's Horses"
An old picture like this in a round black frame hung over my grandmother's guest bed where we used to sleep when visiting her.

I recently found this old print of three hunting dogs in one of my closets.  
I had forgotten I had it!  
It, of course, includes an English Pointer!

This is a large picture.
It has been setting behind the couch in my little bedroom upstairs because I never found a place for it in this house!  I purchased it in Myrtle Beach over 16 years ago!  I loved "Gone With The Wind" so this was a painter's rendition of Tara!  I just had to get it.  It wasn't cheap plus I had to have it shipped home!
It's a shame I can't find a good wall for it.
I'd sell it on eBay but it would be too expensive to ship!
And I don't do Craig's List!

So what do you think?



  1. I love them all...the wren, the old chipped paint, "Tara", the horses, the dogs, the lab...great collection of what makes you tick!...:)JP

  2. I love them animals are always good in pictures but the first one the small wren on the old door the best of the lot.


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