Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cold Weather Pot Roast

Yippee, back to the crock pots!!!!!

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Cold Weather Pot Roast
The weather is changing and fall always means pot roast or chili to me!!
So here's a really good tasting pot roast for you to try.
The recipe.

I put my rump roast in the pot and assembled everything else.

Followed the directions and put it all in there.

I let it cook on low for about 11 hours and here's the delicious looking results.

Dinner for me, in the dinning room. I had cold slaw as a side and mashed potatoes and green beans with sesame seeds.

My green beans were a little over cooked but still good.

It's hard to eat with the big black cat staring at you!!!

For desert, it was pound cake with raspberries and blueberries topped with a mixture of vanilla yogurt and a little milk.

Hope you'll try this.


  1. That looks totally amazing. I have IBS and I cannot eat a lot of this, but it looks oh, so good. Love the cat- I am watched closely whenever I eat, too.
    There's one thing about it, we never eat alone.
    Hugs- Tete

    PS- Wonderful dining room and I love your dishes.

  2. It's 9.30 am here as I read this, and my mouth is waters so much! Looks delicious - and your dining companion is VERY handsome :o)

  3. Dinner looks yummy, especially on your pretty transferware.

    I'm relieved the recipe calls for a rump roast and not a groundhog since the recipe comes from Punxsutawney. ;o}

  4. Thanks so much! I love a good roast. Something about comfort food...

    And I'm always looking for Crock Pot recipes.

  5. This looks like a yummy pot roast recipe. I am loving your blog and I'm following.

  6. Good to hear from you:) Thanks for linking up to Crock Pot Wednesday...be sure to come back this week for another entry in the BBB giveaway. I love the recipe from Punxatawney, PA. I'm a hugh Groundhog Day fan, but I'm not a fan of the one hibernating under my house at the present time:( Love your autumn header.


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