Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and a Birthday

Thanksgiving 2010

This is the first Thanksgiving in my new dining room. I wanted to make it perfect. Of course it never is. The names on the leaves were a last minute thought. I was so busy trying to keep organized in the kitchen that I didn't get any pictures of the food on the table or the family around the table!!! Really dumb mistake.

Another mistake was that I set the food on the "buffet" table then served the soup. Of course by the time everyone was done with their soup, the food was only luke warm!
Also have to make a note to use smaller soup bowls next year!!

The one different placemat is because I had thought the children would sit at a little table but Ava wanted to sit with the big people and I only had 4 of the other place-mats!!!

Michele took these last two of the table.

Jack's 2nd Birthday

Opening presents.

The big dump truck.

No one had to tell him he could ride in it!!

Happy Birthday little Jack.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving in your new pretty dining room! Little Jack is certainly a cutie!

  2. Your dining room and table look beautiful. Jack looks like he had a wonderful birthday too.

  3. What a beautiful Thanksgiving table, Shirley! And, little Jack? Priceless! Too cute for words : )

  4. Table was beautiful....Martha Stewart would have been proud! The home made potato soup that started us for an appetizer was WONDERFUL!
    Thank you for a great meal Mom!


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