Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thrifty Finds Nov.18

Hi All,
I'm joining Leigh from Tales from Bloggeritaville for "Thrifty Thursday".
I finally got some good things the other day at Goodwill and a discount store I frequent.

You can see everyone's bargains here:

My November Bargains

Here is the one I'm most excited about. Even though it's more than I usually spend, it was a real bargain.
This set of hand painted pottery was marked $30.00 but I had 20% off so it was $24.00.
It is place settings for six except for the four soup bowls.
I love the colors. So excellent for right now!!

See, Pier One! And I know what their dishes go for!!

The dinner plates and mugs are huge. Maybe I should use these for Thanksgiving instead of what I had planned!

OK, I found 4 more cereal bowls for my Currier & Ives set at 50 cents each.

I loved this sweater and it was half price so it was $2.00! HOWEVER . . . my doggy got it out of the box when I wasn't looking and, thinking it was a soft chewy toy, chewed 4 big holes in it!!
I may be able to sort of mend it but it will have to be a barn sweater now!!! DARN!!!!!!

I found these yellow place matts for 2 for 99 cents at my discount store and they match my kitchen curtains exactly!
(Oops, my knife is in the wrong place!!)

Isn't this cute. (Overpriced at $3.00), but I can just see it across the front of my new mantle!

And last but not least, a stocking for Rocky! (Even though he thought the sweater was his!!!)
: {{


  1. Fabulous dishes, and what a great deal to!! Enjoy putting your table setting together and have a blessed night!

  2. What fabulous finds Shirley.
    The Pier 1 set are very pretty, but my favourites are the soup bowls - blue and white you see!
    Shame about the jumper, still it looks so snuggly it'll be so warm for barn work.
    Smiley snowmen will look great on that mantle, and Rocky's a lucky boy too!

  3. Love all your thrifty finds! You got a bunch of bargains this time! Love it all and poor Rocky, maybe he needs his own sweater. Love his stocking. Hopefully he isn't on the naughty list now.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. Love those Courier & Ives plates! My hound thought his stocking was his toy too and now his is the only one that can no longer 'hang' by the fireplace!

  5. such great finds....
    How i wish we too could go thrift shopping here in India ,there is no such place we can visit...
    I have a pair of soup bowls from walmart (gifted by my sis with a similar design -the top green one and they look fabulous)

  6. Great deal on the dishes. My cat can't have a stocking anymore because he likes to eat the toe out of it (where the catnip ends up). So I have to hide it in the closet for him.

  7. Great finds! Love the dishes and what a great deal. Have a great day ...


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