Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just One Thing!

One Stinkin' Thing!!

Of course it fits right in with the season though. I paid $2.00. It may be a covered soup bowl but there's only one so I'll have to make it something else for Thanksgiving. Maybe I'll put my cranberry relish in it. What do you think?
I had two audio books at the cash register but they said they were $10.00 each!!!! What!!! No!!
I got a good audiobook at Marshalls for $3.00!

I hope I do better next week.

I'm joining Linda at alacarte for "Junkin Finds"



  1. Well, you got a keeper, & it's wonderful!
    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. If you don't want it, let me know. That is adorable!!!

  3. Love this- we had 2 of these in the antique mall I ran years ago and I loved using them for fall decorating in there. Dummy me didn't bring them home when it closed.
    They just make you smile.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. Oh Shirley,
    That was adorable! It was a good find though.

  5. It is so cute! I hope you can find another one. I think it would be great for cranberry relish! $10 for audio books, I don't think so!! Thanks for joining in Junkin Finds!!

  6. So cute! Great for cranberry relish or sitting on a coffee table filled with Cashews!

  7. I made one of those in a ceramic class one year. They called it a nut bowl or a candy dish. But I think your cranberry relish would be perfect in it.

  8. Lovin' your squirrel dish, it will be fun for Thanksgiving:@)

  9. My mom had one of these when I was growing up(wonder what happened to it). I think it would be great with candy in it-or better yet-nuts!

  10. Good morning, Shirley,

    Well, I just love your squirrel and walnut soup bowl and I think it would be great to put cranberry relish in for Thanksgiving. What a great idea. I was telling Linda over at A La Carte that I just love the acorns and squirrels she has in her collection and how I don't have any myself. I really need to get out there and get some.

    Thank you for sharing with us your find!
    Happy Friday to you,
    Susan @ CluckleBees

  11. very cute-I'm sure you will find lots of uses for it, too.

  12. I love your squirrel dish.It would be perfect for cranberry relish... it will look so cute for Thanksgiving!

  13. A great covered soup bowl and I love the squirrel who is keeping watch over the bowl.

  14. That would be wonderful for cranberry sauce! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment!


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