Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bargain Time

My Big Bargain of the Day

I wasn't going to go anywhere today but decided I needed a couple things at the grocery store and while I was out, why not check in with Goodwill!!
It was supposed to snow later so I got there early this afternoon.
I didn't find any good dishes so I went to the clothes racks.

Look what I found on the "Coat and Jacket" rack!!

The label made me try it on.
An Eddie Bauer GOOSE DOWN Jacket!!!!!

It's a little big but will be perfect for the barn over my winter overalls.

It has a heavy duty hood that is detachable.
All the pockets zip and there's inside pockets too.

The best pocket is here! A cell phone pocket. : )) This coat looks barely used.
And the best part is that it was $6.00 but I had a 35% off coupon so this Eddie Bauer coat cost me $4.15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a bargain!

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Have a great day!


  1. You lucky DOG, you! I bought my barn jacket from a consignment shop back in 1994 for $15.00 and it's still going strong! I love that one with the draw string around the waist!...:)JP

  2. Love, love, love a deal like that. I've vowed never to pay full retail again and finding a deal like that is about as good as it getws. It feels so good doesn't it?

  3. That is great that you found that jacket! I like to think that when I donate something someone will get good use from it!
    I have enjoyed catching up on your blog. I hope 2012 will be good to you. We have had mild weather here in NY too. Hope we don't pay in Jan and Feb.
    Thanks for visiting! I must remember to come back more often. I have been a bad blogger during the holidays, just so much to do!

  4. WOW - what a find!! It beats my past favorite, a never worn Lands End Spring Jacket for my husband. I think it was around $5 and exactly his size. AN EDDIE BAUER WINTER COAT (and it looks gorgeous!) - you win the after Christmas sales award :)

  5. What a great find! My best find was a London Fog coat for $18.00 complete with zip out warm lining. Have a blessed New Year.

  6. Hi Shirley...

    I've shopped at this very same Goodwill - recognized the photo right away. I live in Erie, Michigan...but we (hubby & I) have made many trips to Medina - staying at the old Spitzer House B&B...and browsing the Antique Shops...and enjoying TEA at the local Tea Shop. We haven't been there in a while, since the B&B closed and we acquired our 3 pups. But, we often think about it!!

    I was glad to see that MONK is doing so much better and enjoying the snow!!

    Happy New Year...


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