Friday, December 9, 2011

A Sprinkling of Snow

Monk woke me up at 6:30 am to go out. When I got downstairs I saw that we had a little snow that fell last night.
Monk went out on the deck and started trying to lick it all off!! This is his kind of weather!!

Today I went to the barn to help introduce Buzzy, (the new horse in the barn), to our herd. We first put him out in the arena with Preacher because Preacher's the herd leader. They have been stalled next to each other for about 2 weeks now and can see and sniff each other so they were fine together. In fact, Preacher really took a liking to Buzzy! Buzzy is a really nice senior quarter horse. Then we let the rest of the herd in the arena together. After a little posturing, everything was good. I love watching herd dynamics.

Tonight the temps dropped a little and I got cold so I made me some hot chocolate. It always warms me up. How about you?


  1. Would you like a bit of hot chocolate with your marshmallows Shirley. Lol.
    Our St. Bernard hated the snow. He wouldn't walk in it unless he absolutely had to. Shameful.

  2. I was hoping for a post about your dog and the horses. Thanks for adding joy to my day. Merry Christmas.

  3. Your blogs are always so interesting about the animals. I really enjoy them. I hope your heart is beginning to heal from the hurt of losing your horse.

  4. The photos are beautiful. I love your chocolate mug, I have one very similar with the same colors. I love a hot chocolate brand called Abuelita Hot Chocolate. Abuelita is Spanish for grandmother and it's a Mexican inspired hot chocolate with cinnamon. It's delicious. In face, I think it's time for a cup!

  5. You lucky girl! We have no snow yet! :) And I love your pictures, always sweet!



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