Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Little Christmas Decor

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I was busy today. I cleaned the basement of cobwebs and spiders. I used a shop-vac to get all those nasty webs. I had to go into the bowels of the basement to get my Christmas things out.
The first thing was decorating the mantle. Nothing real fancy; just enough to make it Christmassy.
I'm going to have to find an "S" to put on the dogs stocking so it can be for the both of them!

Mr. snowman has some birdseed for all the birds on the mantle.

I like this little guy.

The other shelf, across the room, I just put some greenery and candles, snowflakes and pinecones.

This little house is for the antique shop I used to have about 20 years ago. My husband and I had one for about 12 years. It all started because he was addicted to going to auctions!!

The kitchen got a little greenery too.

The ginger man comes out . . .

And a little angel goes in the corner to keep watch.

This is all I've done for the dining room so far . . . plunked Mr. snowman in a chair.
I've got to decorate the chandelier and put the Christmas wreaths on the windows.
I'll do more tomorrow after the barn.

Monk got an early Christmas present. The biggest Kong that PetSmart has. It's for dogs over 65 lbs. Well, he's well over that!!! He weighed over 150 lbs. last weigh in.
He likes his Kong. I filled it will some little treats and some peanut butter!
Yes, his claws need trimmed. The vet will do it at his check up visit in 2 weeks. His paws look like bear claws right now!!!!

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