Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Merry Christmas To Me!

Today I couldn't help myself!
I went to the wonderful place called "The Apple Store". To those of us with Macs, it's a glorious place with really smart people waiting on you and showing you magical things!
I went with the intention of getting this new iPhone. No one talked me into it. It was all me. My "old" iPhone is a 3G, the very first iPhone that came out that was horribly expensive . . . . remember?
This new one does "at least" 50 million more things and isn't even half as much!
And Siri talks to you and answers all your questions!!! She's so smart!

I'll be taking photos and little videos with the grand new camera in the next few days and posting them.

I just love new geeky stuff!



  1. Oh, I'd be frazzled with this stuff. So glad you are going to have a good time playing with it.
    Merry Christmas ~

    PS GIVEAWAY ends 12/9

  2. Oh you lucky girl. I'd love to have an Iphone. Maybe some day.


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