Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just A Little Snow

We had a couple days of beautiful sunny weather as the temperatures fell and we got just enough snow to be pretty.

Of course, Monk loves the colder temps and thinks he has to eat the snow!!!
Rocky would just rather stay in the warm house.

After an hour outside, Monk succumbs to nap time.
He sprawls himself out on the dining room floor.

Rocky curls up on the warm leather couch in the sun.

Seemed like a good day for chicken noodle soup to me!


  1. Oh Shirley, that last picture got to me...that was our dishes growing up. All those family meals, I thought I was sitting down to my Moms table...

  2. My mom had those same dishes. Brought back many happy memories around her table.

    Thank you for the beauty you've shared with us this year, Shirley.

    Love and prayers for a happy new year ahead.




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