Sunday, December 4, 2011

Today At Home

My wood pile outside is getting mighty small. It will never last through the winter if I make as many fires as last year!
I'm going to have to find me some firewood!

I brought a bunch into the garage so it will stay dry during the expected rain.

I stacked some wood in the fire place so I'm all ready on that first really cold snowy day.
Of course, I can't find my fire starters. Every year I go through this. I put them away in the spring and then can't find them when I need them.

Today was a beautiful sunny morning and in the 50's.

Monk loves laying on the deck in the sun. He's feeling pretty good.

Rocky says, he loves laying on his couch in the sun!!
By 3pm it had clouded over and is now raining. Tomorrow a cold front is moving in.
I guess winter has to come one of these days!
Maybe then I'll get more into the Christmas decorating spirit! I haven't done anything yet!



  1. Awww! What cutie pooches. Fireplace looks so inviting, hot cocoa, glass of champagne, some chocolates & a good book! Now when you get them all together, I'll be right over & we'll chat up a storm! Chuckle!

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

    PS Drop by for our GIVEAWAY

  2. Hope you find a good log supply Shirley, your fire must be wonderful when it's roaring away :o)
    Rocky and Monk sure look relaxed.
    Love your new header it's gorgeous :o)
    Have a great week.
    Rose H

  3. I agree, your new header is so interesting and inviting. It's been really cold here the last few days too. Also foggy and damp but no rain.

  4. Don't feel poopy, Shirley. We just finsihed theoutside today...rain here tomorrow so maybe I'll be decorating inside...Love the new photos on your header!!!...:)JP


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