Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook 2

Outside my window... It's dark now but we had another unseasonably warm day. It rained and was gloomy till late this afternoon when the sun poked through. If I look out my family room window, I can see Monk laying on the deck. He couldn't go out most of today because of the rain so he's enjoying it now. I think I have the house temperature too warm for him and his heavy "bear-like" coat. He's a St Bernard you know!

I am thinking... That it's been really hard this year to get into any kind of "Christmas spirit". The death of our horse Satire has left a big hole and then Squeaker died a couple weeks ago. I'm hoping that being with my grand kids and family on Christmas eve will brighten things up.

I am thankful... That I have felt less stress and anxiety and that my mammogram was normal. It always has been but I think that is always a worry to women! I am more and more thankful every year for my kids and family and the close relationship my sister and I have. I am thankful for my best friend Midge who has gone through so much with cancer and has stayed so strong in her faith of Jesus and that she is doing well now. Of course anyone who knows me knows how thankful I am to have my animals and that I had the opportunity to adopt Monk this year and that he is coming through his heart worm treatment well.

In the kitchen... the dish wash is humming. The cookie tins are full and I still have to make coffee for breakfast.

I am wearing... nylon running pants, (even though I don't run), a turtle neck shirt, a fleece vest and clogs on my feet.

I am creating... nothing at the moment. Yesterday I was creating a lot of cookies!

I am going... to go to bed soon and watch Frasier on TV.

I am wondering... what is going on with this weather! We haven't had snow yet, to speak of, and this is the first day of winter. Looks like no white Christmas this year. The problem with the warm temps or the fluctuations from cold to near 60 is with the horses. Some don't do well with changes like that. So far mine have been OK but one horse in the barn collicked last week. (He's ok now) Always a worry though. I had the barn owner give my horses just half their grain tonight.

I am reading... "Crazy Ladies" by Michael Lee West. She has a great blog online at: She's written quite a few books. This is the first one I've read and it's very good. She's the one with the great linky party called "Foodie Friday".

I am hoping... that on Christmas day, when my daughter and I spend it at the barn riding, that it won't be too sad of a time for her. Michele has only been out to the barn once since Satire died.

I am looking forward to... Christmas Eve at my son's house with the grandkids opening all their presents. They are at a wonderful age of being so excited and believing in Santa.

I am hearing... the TV out in the family room. The 10pm news is on.

Around the house... are Christmas decorations. At least some. I didn't do much this year since I'm not hosting Christmas Eve.

I am pondering... about types of chicken coops!! My son is supposed to build me one before Spring . . . before spring chicks!! I have the wood. I need the carpenter!! I plan on having 3-4 laying hens.

One of my favorite things... is the way Monk looks at me with those soulful eyes!!!! He's talking to me but I don't always know what he's saying!

A few plans for the rest of the week: I'm going to the barn the next couple days to ride. Tomorrow it's Echo's turn! I have to go to the bank and also have to pick up some refrigerated pie dough. I thought I had another box and I don't!! Lucky I looked! I'm making little individual pies in small mason jars for desert for Christmas Eve. I'll take pictures if they turn out!

Here are the pictures I am sharing today...
Monk and Rocky. Both taken by my daughter.

Merry Christmas everyone.



  1. Hi, Shirley,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so sorry about the death of your horse. My plan is to move to Tennessee sometime in 2012. Hopefully by July. Would love to add you to my blog reading list. Have a blessed Christmas.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving a comment. So sorry to read about the death of your horse.

    I love the photos of your dogs. They are both sweeties! We have one dog, a long hair Chihuahua (my daughter's dog...D'artagnan). He is the sweetest dog we've ever had. We also have two cats, Indy and Draco.

    I hope that you enjoy a lovely Christmas Eve with your family. Our grandson is almost 7 months old, so he isn't too excited about Christmas this year. Next year will be different! Merry Christmas! :)


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