Monday, September 23, 2013

Apple Butter By Accident

Well, here's how that happened!
I fully intended on making some crockpot apple sauce.
I got out my handy apple peeler and peeled a dozen apples from my own tree.
(I feel like such a homesteader!)

I put all the apples in my crockpot plus about 1/4 cup water and turned it on low.

I did stir it around a couple times during the day, but then I completely forgot about it!!
(Where is my brain?)

When I looked again, it wasn't apple sauce color.  It was apple butter color and it had been cooking about 11 hours!!!

I tasted it, added some sugar and cinnamon and then a little butter and brown sugar.
Then I blended it smooth with my hand held stick blender.
Aww, that's good!
 I spread it on some toast.  Very tasty!

I'm going to freeze those couple jars and name it "Accidental Apple Butter".
(And my mother thought I'd never be a cook!)

May all your cooking "accidents" turn out good  : ))


  1. Have you discovered a new product I have never heard of it.

  2. It looks delicious, my friend mary makes a wonderful apple butter, intentionally I am sure though...yours looks great and apple butter is pretty close to apple sauce anyway, do you give the chickens the peelings from the apples?

  3. Hi Shirley, I am Phyllis friend and that is how I make my apple butter. I fill the crock pot full of apples, where you can hardly get the lid one. No water and let them cook down. When they are mushy I beat them and then add about 4 cups of sugar and cinnamon. Cook some more and then can the apple butter. Everyone loves it. I have forgotten it or got busy and cooked it longer than 12 hours. I like to use Granny Smith apples.
    Your apple butter looks good - I better get cracking and make some.
    Have a Happy Fall day.

  4. LOL!!!! The Pres and make Apple Butter every two a crock pot...:)JP

  5. I certainly like apple butter better than sauce. So, I think your accident turned out perfect.


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