Saturday, September 28, 2013

Groundwork 101

We had a great clinic at the barn today.
A lot of people came and participated in it.
My grand-daughter, Ava is going to start her riding lessons in October so I invited her to the clinic to watch.
Here are a few pictures taken with my daughters iPhone.
(Well, this post is a little picture heavy!)

I participated today with Preacher.

Little Ava trying to be a pony.

There's so much to learn about horses.  You could take lessons and go to clinics your whole riding career and still not learn everything!  Especially if you got a late start like me!
We are at a wonderful teaching barn now.
Winfield Farm and Forge in Grafton, OH
The owner/teacher/trainer is Sarah Vas and her assistant teacher and trainer is Stephanie Brown. 
They are both highly educated and are wonderful teachers.
I just wish we had found them about 12 years ago!



  1. Oh Shirley I loved all the pictures,what a beautiful horse, what fun to be there with your beautiful granddaughter, sure makes for a fun can never have too many pictures, especially these, they are great shots...Phyllis

  2. Thanks so much for sharing - the pictures are wonderful and the horses are beautiful. So glad that your granddaughter is going to be taking riding lessons. My granddaughter has been taking riding lesson for about 2 years now and she LOVES it.


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