Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cool Your Chickens!

Another unbearably hot, humid day.  It's 94 degrees out there.
Chickens pant when they get too hot.  This morning I wet down the garden in the yard and let them "free range" for awhile.  I noticed how they stayed in the shade of the big wet hostas and dug on the damp dirt and laid down in it.
Yesterday they got a big half of a cold watermelon.  They love that.
Today I gave them cold lettuce and a dish of frozen peas in ice water.
They always approach things so tentatively.
They're a hoot.

Martha asks, "What exactly is that?"

OK, then!

Dottie excused herself to go inside to the nesting box.  
Perhaps she's giving me a thank you gift!!



  1. loved seeing them with the peas, should have taken a picture of them with the watermelon, that would have been the coolest, next time ...I love knowing what their thinking...they are so cool...phyllis

  2. Great pictures! I love when the chickens are introduced to new-to-them foods ~ they have to give it a good once over before one is brave enough to peck at it.
    You captured that beautifully in your shots. I can tell you're a good 'chicken mom' (that's a sincere compliment!) :) :) :)


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