Monday, September 23, 2013

New Chicken Coop Decor!

Well, I did it.
I saw this on "Fresh Eggs Daily", my favorite chicken blog and I've been thinking of making these ever since.
I had this really cute red check material so I thought, what could be more perfect!!
Look, how cute!!!!

Surprisingly, Little Lily was the first brave girl to examine them!

And the first one to go in the curtained nesting box!

All the others came to gawk at her and the curtains.


Have a happy day everyone.



  1. Well that's different, will they lay red and white checked eggs.

  2. Oh the decor you have chosen is so perfect, kind of country french with a hint of euro chic...They are beautiful and their home now reflects their impeccable breeding....they are beauties you know and I am sure they will get use to the new curtains...Phyllis

  3. Love the curtains - they look perfect on the chicken coop. They will get used to them and won't want you to ever take them down. Your chicks are sooooooooo pretty.

  4. Your chicken stories always make me smile. Love the curtains.


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