Sunday, September 1, 2013

Riding Echo Today

It was 85 degrees, and yes it was humid.
But we rode today.
There's four of us that try to ride together on the quiet Sunday afternoons.
We've been at 3 and 4 barns together and have ridden together for quite a while.
Even though it's usually in the arena, it still counts!!!
Today it was just two of us.  William and I.
William is my friend for the past 10 years.  He is 91 years young now and still rides.  He's also learning carriage driving too!  He's owned 3 horses but just has Miss Blue now.  She's a fox trotter.
I rode Echo today.
 Well, Echo has an ear on me.

 Yes, you're a handsome boy.

 William is dismounting so I guess I will too; just too hot today.

William and Blue

 Mr Echo, you need a shave!!!!

 Shiny coat, great weight, happy horse.
Fed 4 times a day, great care, clean barn, and daily turnouts makes a healthy horse.

And Wow, what a beautiful butt!!!


My horses are happily residing at:
Winfield Farm and Forge

Also see my older post about the barn!


  1. Echo is gorgeous! And I think horses rumps are just beautiful.

  2. Echo is so beautiful. Looks like he really loves you the way he is watching you. So glad that you had a good ride.
    Have a great week.

  3. Echo looks great, Shirley and I was glad to read that you got to ride!!...:)JP


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