Thursday, September 26, 2013

Is It Moulting or Molting?

However you spell it . . . it's happening!

And that's only Martha that's started!!  (of course)

 Martha:  (I don't understand what's happening!

 She even lost the purple dot I put on her back with Blue-Kote so I could tell her apart from Molly!

 I hate to see Dottie's beautiful feathers start falling out!

Eggo hasn't started yet either.

Little Lily has.  You can see along her wing feathers.  Of course she always looks sort of scruffy so it's hard to tell!
Look at her dirty face!   I should've named her "Pigpen"!

(By the way, I think the British way of spelling it is "moult".)


Hmmmm, what could I make out of all these feathers?


  1. Oh those poor babies, what will we do with long does this last? and will all the feathers grow back? Poor things I think this must drive them and you nuts...Lets hope it ends soon...Phyllis

  2. Our Pidge moults every year and does it in a few days lots of feathers everywhere we always think one of the cats have killed a bird.
    Merle.......... ............... .........


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