Thursday, September 19, 2013

No More Brooding

The broody breaker cage did it's job again.
(I hope)
Martha has been in it for 2 days and nights with time out in the yard.
Today she was out acting very normal and when I put the girls back in the run, she didn't go racing to the nesting box.
See, it was empty most of the day except for my easter eggers who each gave me a pretty green egg.

And tonight she is on the roost with her sisters.

My girls egg laying is slowing down a lot.  
Have you noticed that with your hens yet?  I live in NE Ohio and the days are getting shorter.
Autumn starts in a couple days and that means only 12 hours of daylight.  Now, days will be getting shorter and shorter.  I think they lay best with 14 hours of light.
This winter I'm not going to put any artificial lighting in their coop.
I'm going let them have a rest which is more natural.  They've done so good their first season of laying.
They deserve it.



  1. I always look at them and try and figure out which one is my favorite but they are all so pretty and unusual looking in their own way and are all so darned cute...come over and see my goulies, would love to read your comments on them, it's their hords d party you know...Phyllis

  2. I do like hens but I don't have any I'm sure my cats would chase them and I know Angus would.


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