Monday, August 17, 2009

Three or More & 2nd Hand Treasures

This is the day for Three or More Tuesday and 2nd Time Around so I am double posting over to The Gypsys Corner to see what they've got over there. Please come along with me after you take a look here!


I have things here to show you! Take a look, then go back to Diane's at A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words also at:
Thank you Diane for hosting.


Today in town I found a new little antique and junk shop. It's in an old house that curls around from room to room. I love those. I saw this little glass jar with red and white buttons in it and loved it. I grabbed it and carried it around with me. I like the other things I got there too but this just spoke to me : ))

I found these two nice little benches. Look they stack really good. I don't know what color I'll paint them. ($10 and $12)

OK, I know I don't usually spend this much but after all it was a little antique shop. ($12) It's a great old wooden bowl and I love that primitive decorating!

Now, at Goodwill . . .
This pretty metal leaf was just laying around and got it for $.50. Looks pretty up there. That's my fall decorating so far : ))

Here's a group of things I got today at Goodwill. 3 little snowman dishes for $1.50 ea. Thought I'd use them in the bathrooms for pretty soaps at Christmas. Got a jar holder for $.50, 2 nice brackets that will hold a pretty good size shelf, and a teak salad serving set.

2 little snowmen for the tree. I must be thinking Christmas!! What happened to fall! (They were $.50 ea.)

I've been watching these Willow plates at Marshalls, hoping for a sale. And YES . . . I got them. I bought 4 but I may go back if there's more.

See, there it is $2.00 each : )) Marshalls price was $4.00 ea. before the sale.

Aren't these the cutest snowman plates by Debbie Mumm. ($1.00 ea. at GW)

Last are these Debbie Mum plates in a spring & summer mode. Only three of them this time. I need to go buy myself some plate hangers.
Boy, I ran around a lot to get all those treasures!! Now I have to clear out more scrap booking stuff to free my shelves up! It's all going up on eBay!! Come visit . . I'm seller scorwin814.
Be Good Now


  1. I love the Debbie Mum snowman and spring and summer plates :)

  2. I too love the jar of buttons. And I love all your plates. Wow! you found lots of great stuff.

  3. Everything is beautiful, but I especially love the Debbie Mum plates!!

  4. I love your treasures, you really got some great deals. I can't decide which one I'm loving the most though, if it's your sweet jar of buttons or those cute little wooden benches or maybe it's the old dough bowl that is going to look so amazing displayed with filler in it... hmmm, well there's always the Debbie Mumm snowmen plates if I can't decide on a favorite find. Great job on your steals!!!!

  5. Your jar of buttons stole my heart! I used to collect buttons and then got away from it. I am so fickle and jump from one passion to another! Wonderful treasures you found! I took your advice and jumped into the "2nd Time Around" event. FUN! :)
    I love all of your goodies! WONDERFUL!

  6. You are a great shopper! I think I love everything you bought, but the wooden bowl is my favorite!

  7. Wow, you found lots of interesting treasures!

  8. Hi Shirley,
    So many nice things at wonderful prices!
    I guess I like the plates best ... but you know I'm a dishaholic! ;)

  9. Hello Shirley, you have a good eye for the sweetest stuff. Love the DM plates and the snowmen items. I am very partial to snowmen anything.


  10. Hello.
    Oh I wish I had your luck! :o) I am ever on the hunt for an antique store! I did find one recently and kicked myself for not bringing my camera. I will visit again, now that I know it is there. :o)
    Your button jar is just too cute! Can you imagine all the years of shirts and other items they came from and were collected. :o) Don't you just love a story behind the item? :o)
    I hope you have a nice evening!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  11. XWhat pretty objects you found! Love the plates and the Xmas stuff.

  12. Love that pretty jar of buttons! What is it about white buttons that draw us to them? You have some great finds!

  13. Those last plates are my favorites!!
    Love the buttons too.

    thanks for sharing

    Barbara jean


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