Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Outdoors at the Barn and in the Garden

I hope the heat wave is ending for some of you people. Here in Ohio we've had a pretty good summer (heat-wise). Thanks to Susan for hosting Outdoor Wednesday. Now go over and take a look at her wonderful site: http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/

Some of my outside photos of the day. I spent half the day at the barn.
This is Preacher coming over to say hello.

Satire is just happily grazing away.

The fly masks not only keep the flies out of their eyes and ears but sort of act like sun glasses!

In My Garden:
The little tomatoes (Sweet 100s) are putting out everyday. My big tomatoes are good size but haven't turned red yet. (And "No" I don't like Green fried tomatoes!)

The beets are ready. They are so sweet!

Just two pepper plants. One green and one red. Both sweet.

The acorn squash are ready. Mmmmm. I cut it in half long ways, take out the seeds and bake. The last 1/2 hour I put a big hunk of butter and brown sugar in the middle of it.

Produce of the day.
Hope everyone is having a great week. Happy Wednesday.


  1. What beautiful horses.. I love the fly nets for their eyes..as well as a type of sunglass for them.. Your garden is wonderful. I'm sure you're enjoying the fruits of your labor..
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.. hugs ~lynne~

  2. How lovely -- those horses are beautiful. What amazing creatures. Your vegetables are terrific too -- I am so sorry I didn't plant Sweet 100s this year, I miss them!

    I'm signing on as a Follower of your blog -- we people who live in OLD houses should keep track of one another!


  3. Looking yummy Shirley. Our heat wave has passed. We are about 20-30 degrees cooler. Lots of forest fires though.
    Your horses are very handsome.

  4. I love having a garden ! Your produce looks wonderful ! : )

  5. Your Horses are beautiful! Your veggies look good too!

    Donna Marie

  6. Very Nice - just wondering do the acorn squash take a lot of room? I've often wanted to plant but not sure how much they spread - we do plant watermelon so I'm thinking it can't spread more than that :)

  7. It is so thoughtful of you to put fly nets on the horses. You have a plentiful garden. Enjoy all those fresh veggies.
    Joyce M


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