Sunday, August 2, 2009

Great finds This Week!!

Today, (Monday really) it's Thifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality. Always a fun place to blog about your bargains from the week before. Check out all the participant's at
Thanks Rhoda for giving us a place to show our wares : ))

I stopped in only one garage sale this week and I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a windsor chair just like the ones I've been searching for, sitting in the midst I don't know what else. I only had eyes for the chair!! I rain over and looked at the price. $20.00!!! I felt like I couldn't leave it's side (even though there were no other people there! ) I shouted, "I'll take this chair", without even my usual bartering with the price. I whipped out the $20 and ran to my car with the chair. It just fit in the back seat of my little Honda . . . it was meant to be mine. It's even painted black.

I just sit on my big leather chair across from it and smile. Now if I could only find 3-5 more and a dining room table!!

Then it was off to Goodwill.
This was my biggest bargain at Goodwill!! I got this little chair with the rush seat in perfect condition for $5.00!!!! Yes, $5.00. I'm going to paint it black.

I love the color of the sage green plates I got for $2.00 each and the iridescent tea light holders in the shape of snowflakes are so pretty. $1.50 each. All from, of course, Goodwill. Oh, and the 4 checkered place mats underneath were $.50 ea.

I found this cute little pumpkin candle holder with a hanger to use this fall. ($1.50)

The little pitcher to go with my small Currier & Ives set . . . now I'm on the look for the sugar bowl! It was half price so I got the little pitcher for $.50.

This was a day for shelves I guess. They were $2-$4 each at GW. I will have to do something to cover up the outdated hearts on the long one though. And they will all get a paint job. I plan to put them all on a wall in my kitchen to display my clear containers I've been gathering for flour, sugar, pasta, rice and the like.

My last stop was at Marshalls where I found this little cupboard that was exactly the right size for a space in my kitchen where I needed some extra storage. The tag is still on it here because I was still deciding whether to keep it or not but it's growing on me. Of course I'll probably paint it! It was $49.00. I am getting estimates now on getting my kitchen redone (that's scary!!) but I think I could use it other places too.
Well, have a great Monday everyone. The country fair starts tomorrow so I think that's where I'm going.


  1. You found some great deals! The black chair is beautiful and you got sufficient matching items to set an entire table at Goodwill :D

  2. Beautiful chairs! I can't believe you got that great ladderback chair for $5! Gorgeous!

  3. I do that too when I finish something. I go and stare at it and smile. It feels good.

  4. Hi Shirley !
    Happy Day !
    LOve all your finds - You Go Girl !
    You are really building a great collection !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  5. I love those green plates. They are so pretty! Have you checked Craigslist for the chairs? You might be surprised what you can find on there for a really good price. The chair looks great black. You did well!

  6. I love the pumpkin! He is just perfect for fall. That cupboard from Marshall's is a lovely piece.

  7. My sister just found a great old black windsor chair, and she's got it sitting in front of her fireplace just like you do! What a great deal you got on yours! I love the shape and color of those plates, and that little cupboard is so cute! I love Marshalls!

  8. I just love The Goodwill, I never walk out of there empty handed. You found some great treats!


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