Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm No Cook!

Thank you Debbie for hosting Crockpot Wednesdays! Please go over and see everyone's ideas on: http://diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com/ I know you'll find some really good things there!

I said right from the beginning that I don't cook much so I'm offering this with my apologies.

Here's the recipe right out of the book. So, I don't know . . . it's a mystery.

All in the pot. I did notice that there was a strange absence of any liquid. But I thought maybe the magic Crock pot makes some from someplace ????? I didn't have as much chicken as it called for (like only 1 lb.) and they were pieces of chicken breast, no skin. See the recipe . . . They only say 1 TBSP olive oil!

Sitting down enthusiastically to eat my Greek Chicken dinner. Where's all the sauce or any liquid at all!! Chicken is very dry. Tomatoes are good; beets are good . . .

Sort of looks good doesn't it? Well, it really doesn't have much taste for as much stuff that's in it. (like garlic, onions, oregano) This is not Greek cooking! We had good friends that owned a great Greek Restaurant called Theo's in Cleveland. Food to die for! The Greekest thing about this meal was the feta cheese on my garden tomatoes!!!!!
Oh well, I ate it and was thankful for it but that's a cross-off!
I know your things will be better. Remember, I'm trying these for the first time on you guys : ))
I make them once a week and you hear about it good or bad!
Happy days, I have left-overs! Anyone want to come over?


  1. I like that you posted a recipe you hadn't tried before. How honest.
    I love Greek food but this one won't be on my list either. The tomatoes and feta would be though. My favorite.

  2. You make such GREAT chili. You should have just cooked it in the crock-pot instead of on the stove. I sometimes make it in the crock-pot to take to picnics ;-) I know for sure there won't be any duplicates!
    Sister Sue

  3. Well that's a shame! It sounds like a good recipe.

    My guess is that it needed the 2-3 pounds of chicken pieces, with skin, to create the juices needed?

    I also agree that you're a real sport to post about your less than perfect meal. Do not give up!

  4. I love to find new recipes and the one you posted sounds great thanks

  5. At least your chicken looked good!



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