Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update on the Zucchini

I successfully snuck 2 large zucchini into my daughter's car on Tuesday and this morning I gave 2 to the man that cleaned my carpet : )) Yeah!!!!


  1. Too funny! We've been doing the same thing. Kate (my wife) takes them to work, I try to give them to the UPS driver, neighbors, anybody that happens to come by.
    Now the tomatoes are all coming on and we're trying to pass those on too. The weather has just been perfect and the plants are all taking great advantage.
    Good luck!

  2. You should add a recipe for your zucchini bread with your "gifts" ;-)

  3. Ha, good job. She'll never know who did it right? Now if Country Decor wants to send me his tomatoes I'll be happy.

  4. Oh this is FUNNY! Those goofy zucchini's are certainly prolific, aren't they???

    Reminds me of the time my eldest daughter's hubby snuck a DIRTY diaper into our oldest son's car, and he didn't find it until the NEXT DAY after the car had been parked in the sun for hours and hours!!!!

    Oh - - - I CAME here to THANK you for following my blog, but then your funny zucchini story ALMOST made me forget.

  5. When Mom and I had a garden explosion with the zucchini years back, we had fun sneaking those war clubs into people's mail boxes and vehicles - no one was exempt from it! We would laugh while we were doing it, but it seemed that every day we would go into the garden, and where there was no zucchini one night, the next morning there would be 3 that had suddenly grown to baseball bat size! We were mystified! And, the following year, it was CUKES that took over - so, life is full of surprises! Have fun, and don't send any to me!!!

  6. oh dear...I lost my comment.
    I was just thanking you for your sweet and caring comment on my post. I am doing much better and it feels wonderful. I can do more each day! Have a wonderful weekend. :)


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