Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Search for the Crock-pot!

Hi everyone. This is the first "Crock-pot Wednesday". I'm not quite ready as you see but I hope you'll come a long while I hunt for my crock-pot. Thanks Debbie for hosting this event. You can all go to see Debbie at http://diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com/2009/08/its-here-welcome-to-crock-pot-wednesday.html

Well . . . before I can be a "Crock-pot Wednesday" contributor, I have to find my crock-pot. I know I have one. This week will just be the search. (And a look at my scary century cellar.) That's my cellar door. Notice the cat's little door. They have to get down there to their litter boxes after all!)

OK, Be careful, the steps are uneven. Now remember this is a cellar not a basement and it was built in 1852. So don't be too critical!

This is the boiler room. (See the oil tank?) I remember putting it in here with a bunch of other unused kitchen things.

I know it's in this mess somewhere.

Aha!!!!! There it is!

Look at the size of the hand-hewn beams holding this house up!! Well, It's been standing for about 160 years!

This is one of the mysteries of the cellar. We never did find out what that big tall tank was. It had something to do with the dairy farm that this house was over 100 years ago. Anyone know anything about something like that??

"Bar the door, Nellie". That's the storm cellar door leading up stone steps and outside. I'd show you but I'm sure it's full of spiders! OK, lets get out of here.
(By the way the white wall on the right is covered with a PVC-like paneling. It's covering up HUGE boulders that the cellar walls are made of. About 10 years ago we had the cellar waterproofed and french drains put in. It's been dry as a bone ever since.)

Now to find a recipe. That whole lower shelf is all cook books. I don't cook much but love to look through cook books! Strange hey?

OK, out of all those books, only one of crock-pot recipes. It'll have to do. Maybe by next week I'll have actually cooked something! Stay tuned.

Now I'll go visit Debbie and see about all the participants that made some good things. Have a great Wednesday.
I'll be babysitting! Think of me!
Hugs, Shirley

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  1. Hey - thanks for the tour! It was certainly interesting to go sight seeing at your house - some cellar! I guess you better dust off that book and ready your pot for some good cookin! Thank you for the smiles!


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