Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Little Makeover

Thank you Susan for posting this event with so many ideas!!
Please visit to see everyone's postings.

Here was my big bargain at Goodwill this week. This perfect little ladder back chair was $5.00!! But it was crying to be painted . . yes?

The seat was just on with two long screws so it was easy to remove before painting.

My spraying area in the garage. Yes, I moved the car : )) I'm waiting for it to dry which only took about 10 min.

I'm loving this satin black paint from Krylon Fusion!!!! Really goes on nice.

Some finds from Goodwill, but decided the mirror needed some painting!!

Here's the little mirror painted black. I almost did it heirloom white but changed my mind at the last minute.

I really like this satin finish. Turned out great.

Here are my 2 items after their repainting. I really like how they turned out. Now to find just the right place for them.
Have a great day on Monday. I'm off to read about everyone else's Metaphorphases'.


  1. Nice job on the makeovers. I love the ladderback chair.
    Our GW would never sell a chair like that for 5.00, most likely it would be 15.00-20.00. I sometimes think they are delusional about their merchandise.
    Oh well, sometimes I find a bargain there but not often.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice. I love Goodwill Stores I found quite a few goodies to, no pun intended lols!



  3. Shirley, fabulous finds! You transformed them beautifully! Bravo!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!


  4. WOW WOW WOW !
    You got it going on girl !

  5. What a great job. I always love black. It just seems to make everything pop. That little chair is darling.


  6. Hi Shirley!
    The chair turned out great! I like it in black!

  7. I love ladder back chairs with rush seats. Something so comforting about them! I shop Goodwill weekly!

  8. Looks great, Shirley..What a wonderful invention spray paint was!

  9. So glad you have shared on Met Monday. It's so neat to see what everyone is doing.
    This chair looks great. Black sure makes it look classy!
    This is my first time to post and it's been fun!
    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  10. The chair looks way better black. I think the paint companies are struggling to keep up with the production of the black paint due to all the bloggers and Met Mondays.

  11. I love the shininess of the black paint. I hope it cools down here soon so I can get to spray painting!

  12. Your chair metamorphasis looks great~ well done.

    Have a blessed day!


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