Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bees inside my house!

Yesterday afternoon I noticed a few bees inside the house. (Yellow jackets) Now this isn't unusual for this time of year and I can usually shush them out but there was at least 10 of them by my one kitchen window. I opened up the top of the window so they could get out and notice a whole group of them huddled in the corner of the window INSIDE the house. I was afraid a queen had landed there the way they were huddling! Not good to spray yellow jackets; it makes them real mad and they come after you. I carefully took a fly swatter and let each one walk onto it and flicked them outside till they were all gone. PHEW! I've kept watch there because I don't know how they got in. Sorry, no pics. I was too busy : ))


  1. Hope they don't sneak back inside!!! You shoulda smashed them when you had the chance!!! YIKES!

  2. YIKES. I don't mind normal bees, but yellow jackets are just plain evil with wings. When my daughter was newborn, I opened up her nursery while she was napping and it was swarming with yellow jackets... they had nested in our roof and come into her room thru the ceiling fixture! Terrifying. I snatched her up, ran down stairs and called an exterminator.
    Good for you for being brave!

  3. One of my sons is allergic to wasps, yellow jackets.
    I reached to pull what looked like an old soccer ball out of one of my azaleas years ago and just before I touched the grayish orb I realized it was alive and buzzing. The exterminator told me they were very aggressive Bald Faced Hornets. The odd thing is that I had been pulling weeds out of the garden bed for at least an hour right underneath it and all around it. Not a one came near me. We cut it open after they were all dead and it was unbelievable. Filled with thousands of them. Smelled pretty bad too.
    Actually the yellow jackets were not bad this year. Hmmm.


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