Sunday, October 11, 2009


Thank you Susan for keeping us busy making things better!! Everyone please visit Susan's amazing blog at: There will be a list of participants there with far more exciting things than this one of mine but still please take a peek here : ))

My little cellar-way kept getting worse and worse! I keep sticking things in there until it's hard to even get down the steps! So I took an hour or so and got rid of stuff and cleaned it up.

Well, I know, it's not much but hey, every little bit helps!!!
Now it's on to the cellar! YIKES! I'm doing that one for The Procrastinators Party and it has to be done by the 20th!!
Bye for now.


  1. It's amazing what a little bit of picking up and organizing does. Great for you!!

  2. Now don't you feel better that little bit of organization...I never get a chance to get clutter as my husband is always saying "Let just thin it out a little hear honey" Wow I have heard that a hundred times...thanks for sharing...

  3. Oh, you just reminded me of a project (several actually) that need doing! I think you did a great job getting it straightened out!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Oh, it always feels like the weight of the world has lifted to complete these types of projects. Congratulations on getting it we wait to the the pictures of the cellar :)


  5. But doesn't just cleaning a smallish place motivate you to keep going??? I'll be anxious to see how your do with your basement. I'm working on my procrastinator's project too...and it's blossoming into more and more projects (which is what I was afraid of!)

  6. That looks great! And you are absolutely right, a little bit goes a long ways. :o)

  7. That should make you feel real good, now that it is done. Looks better too!

  8. I need lots of little bits going on at my house! I can't seem to stay home long enough to get them done. Oh well. Playing with those grandbabies is better anyway:) Just wanted you to know that Mister Linky is up and ready for Crock Pot Wednesday. Thanks so much for participating.

  9. I have places like this too. Our big barn was so full of junk. After we finished our construction I was in a take no prisoners mood and started throwing out stuff and throwing out and throwing out. We had a huge pile of trash for the garbage truck that week and boy did it feel good!

  10. Wow! Where did you hide everything? ;-)

  11. I have a little cleaning and organizing to do too. You accomplished a lot!

  12. I think it looks great! My laundry room is where EVERYTHING gets stuck!! I have GOT to get it day!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I do live in a warm climate ~ too much so! I am in north Alabama and we are still having weather in the 80's here! No snow for us...EVER! Boo!

    Hope you have a great day!!

    Lou Cinda :)


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