Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stayin' out of the stores, kinda . . .

Don't you love seeing what everyone has found for practically nothing in the thrift shops?? Well, stop in at Tales From Bloggeritaville and get the list!!

Only a few things this week. I've been trying to stay out of the "shops" after I added up what I was spending a week. And I really don't "need" any of it. But it's just such fun. I suppose it's the cheap entertainment value and the sense of the BARGAIN!! : ))

I liked this big candle holder right away because it has wavy glass that makes the candle glow nicely. ($2.00) And it's the season to love leaves!!

This shows 3 more finds. A large canning jar with attached lid ($2.00), A little wooden ball (50 cents) and a nice heavy stainless steel fry pan for $2.50.

And lastly, this copy of "The Secret Garden". I have a couple other copies of this book but this one is illustrated nicely and I love the story! The neat keyhole cutout got me : ))
Have a nice Thursday everyone.


  1. Great finds!!! Love the candleholder! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!


  2. I especially love the candleholder. Great finds!Thanks for linking up to thrifty Thursday, sweet friend! And thanks for dropping by Bloggeritaville!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  3. Oh how I love the candle holder...perfect for adding some warmth on those chilly nights!

    Happy Thrifty Thursday!

  4. It is such fun to see what others run across at thrift stores. You found some great things. I love that gorgeous candleholder. I have a feeling you'll use that a lot!

  5. The candleholder is scored!

  6. Shirley~

    Very nice finds (and deals!!). I love the glass candle in season! And the little stuff is always great to come home with, not that the frying pan is little (I'd love to have that!!)

    Great job, Shirley. Happy Thrifty Thursday!!


  7. I love that story...I always wanted to be Mary Lennox!! I read your comment on my post today and I wanted to share a funny one with you....I was floating around some of the parties today and found a woman who is linked to 16 parties with her post today...I won't say who because I will be hung for Blogging Gossip!! It just made my day!!

  8. What a pretty candle holder. Great deal on the frying pan. I've asked for new one for my birthday,is that bad? Great Finds!!


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