Saturday, October 3, 2009

Still Looking for Thrifty Buys ( For Tues. 10/6)

Thanks Diane for hosting this weeks Second Time Around. Visit her website to find the other participants.

My stash of the week. The Ultimate Chicken Cookbook and two James Patterson books for $1.00 each, four blue plates, one hen, one Santa and 4 rag style placemats.

See, the blue plates (by Gibson) go great under my Calico Rooster plates from last week. The blue plates were $1.00 each.

Here's a look at the little fat hen ($1.00) and the repo old looking Santa ($1.00). I used to sell those in my shop!!

A better view of the rag type place mats. I used them under things too, not just for place mats. They had another color there too; if I get back there, I might get them too. 50 cents each.

You can get these stuffed animals at GW for 50 cents each. Much cheaper than buying dog toys at the stores! These particular ones are being added to a bunch of Rocky's old rubber toys he doesn't play with and are being sent to the large number of dogs and puppies they rescued from a puppymill kennel in SD. They need toys too! They are at Second Chance Rescue Center in Sioux Falls. If anyone wants info, email me.
That's all this week, I've stifled myself from buying a lot!


  1. Great finds. I'm trying to not buy things at this point...I have projects I need to finish before I find anything new to begin.

    I really like your blog and the music...makes me happy!

  2. What fun things you have found! I am trying to get rid of the same amount I bring into my house every week-- it ain't easy lol

  3. Great finds! I love James Patterson...Honeymoon is so won't be able to put it down!

    Thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!

  4. It's so fun to find things we just love for a bargin price...

  5. That little hen is adorable!! great deals!

  6. Hi Shirley...

    My friend, you found some wonderful items this week! Loved seeing them!! I absolutely love your new blue plates with the rooster plates...they compliment each other nicely! Great eye for design and a bargain to boot! The little fat hen and Santa are just adorable too! I love the rag placemats...nice colors! I often use my placemats to set things on...on my end tables, etc.

    Thank you for showing us your pretties today! Love the idea of the stuffed animals for pets...that's so thoughful and a very worthwhile cause!

    Warmest wishes,

  7. Hi Shirley! You got some great finds this week! I haven't read "Mary, Mary" yet. Let me know how it is!

    Have a wonderful day!


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