Saturday, October 3, 2009

Big Brave Rocky

Thank you Angela for giving us a place to show and talk about our most favorite loves, our animals! This is the first week for Tuesday's Show & Tail so everyone go over to Angela's blog and see all the participants!!
This is my dog Rocky, an 8 year old English pointer. I'll tell you more about him as the weeks go on. He's a hunter, a gundog, a field trial dog and really a big chicken at heart!
Here's Rocky, very interested when the tree trimmers arrived at the house this morning. Keeping a close eye on them.

Hey . . . what was that??????

Rocky now hears the chain saws and the falling limbs, Oh My!!!!! Such a big brave boy!!!!!!!!!
(And oh, by the way, see that bite out my carpet on the edge!! . . . Rocky did that when he was a pup. Well, I couldn't just throw the carpet away, so there it is!)

This is Rocky actually trying to sit on my lap as I'm kneeled down trying to take photos of things for eBay! He needs reassurance about what all that noise is !

The tree trimmers are done and gone now. Rocky has to take a nap from all the stress!
That's my dog, my dear heart and my companion : ))


  1. Poor Rocky! LOL... I had a pointer at one time and he, too, was easily stressed. When City Boy would leave for work in the morning, the dog would jump into his warm spot in bed to sleep. But ten minutes later he was always certain there were bunglers in the trees and stand up, straddling my head in order to growl out the window. Silly puppy.

  2. Looks rather large for a lap warmer!!! What a pretty dog!

  3. Barnaby said be Brave....I love the tree men:)

  4. Although we don't hunt our lab comes from a family line of hunting dogs and she is not bothered by noise whatsoever.
    I vacuum right up to her feet and sometimes actually vacuum her in a failed attempt to control some of the dog hair.
    Thunder, no problem, weed eaters and mowers brought by what I call my Lawn Fairies, she doesn't even get up.
    I must say Rocky is one handsome guy.

  5. Hey Shirley!

    Thanks for visiting me! Woof Woof Wednesday's sounds like a great name for a meme! I had a hard time figuring out a good name for mine. I asked a few of my blogging friends to see what they thought about it and they were so excited about it that I had to get it started asap! lol This post would be perfect for what I'm hoping for people to post about their animals! As far as Mr. Linky is concerned it wasn't that hard but I did have a lot of help and explanation from ClassyChassy who does Get R Done Friday's.

    Hope you can join us on Tuesday!


  6. I liked this post - Rocky is super attractive! The Tuesday meme Angela started is such a great idea - I love pets and have a lot of stories to post later on - I could write a BOOK! Thanks for joining in with Rocky!

  7. Hey Shirley!

    Thanks for joining in on my first week's meme! I just think Rocky is a handsome dog! I don't think I've ever seen an English Pointer before in person. I can't wait to see more pictures of him and to hear more stories about him. You would think that a dog that goes hunting wouldn't be bothered by the sound of chain saws! lol


  8. Rocky is so cute!! I liked how he had to be so close to you (literally) when the noise was disconcerting to him. he looks like a big dog too!


  9. :) I came over from Angela's.

    Rocky is a very handsome dog! And quite a lapful too!


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