Monday, October 5, 2009

Three or More 10/6

We all have three or more of loads of "stuff". Well, Tam hosts a little party where we can show it off!! Visit her at The Gypsy's Corner and see!

Here's the first of my three's.
Ever since I bought my first little bottle of buttons I liked it so much I made these three more. Another red and white one, a "fall" one and one for Halloween! Can you believe, I even bought a big bunch of buttons on eBay!!

Aren't these three little bowls cute? I found them at Target in their dollar aisle. Just the right size for ice cream!!! Yummy!!

And for my third of the threes, these are some stools I found at thrift stores this summer. I am planning on painting them but so far this is how I found them. I love little benches and stools.
Have a great Tuesday everyone.
(Welcome back Tam)


  1. I have a bench waiting to be painted too. I really should get on that.
    I remember my mom's button tin. I loved running my fingers through them.

  2. Those button jars are so cute!! My Mom had a button tin with the neatest buttons in it when we were kids. I wonder what ever happened to it. Hmmm.

  3. These little old stools are such useful things.You can do such a lot with them. My mom has a button tin too. You can find such little treasures in them.Love yours too!

  4. Oh what fun "threes" you have! Especially all of your buttons! I have been clipping buttons off of shirts that I plan to use in a quilt. My button jar is slowly filling. :o) Each one has a little memory.
    Have a nice afternoon.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  5. Hi Shirley. You have some cute little threesomes. :) All different but neat.


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