Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too Many Bees

What a couple of days!! Yesterday I came home from the barn to find 50-75 bees at my kitchen window INSIDE! I said a prayer and put my hands right on the top of the window and opened it. They seemed just interested in getting out. I ushered the stubborn ones out with a flyswatter. (Being careful not to make them mad!!) Yellow Jackets can sting you multiple times you know!!
More bees kept coming from somewhere to that window and I kept repeating the procedure. I had to see where they were coming from so I went outside and at the back of the house I could see them actively going in and out, right where the roof meets the siding. I put a call in to the Bee Guy straightaway!! (Bee Gon) He couldn't come till late this afternoon but told be to look around for any little holes or cracks around the area they were in the back but inside my kitchen. I found an area that the moulding along the ceiling was away from the wall so I followed his directions and taped it all up plus a few other places. Well, this morning, no bees and when I came home from shopping, only one lone bee and I think he was left over from yesterday. The Bee Man came and sprayed under the roof line and in the soffit outside. He said they would be dead in a couple hours but to keep the tape on for a couple weeks in case there were some HATCHLINGS!!!!!! OH CREEPY!
Now, right away today I wondered. "Why didn't I take pictures of all those bees for my blog!!!!!!! : )) Oh Well, I was busy.
Shirley, the survivor!


  1. Best that you didn't photograph them. The paparazzi make them really angry.

  2. Ooh I would have freaked out and probably ended up getting stung a few hundred times. Glad you survived!

  3. You did really,really well to get them out and no stings. I probably would have done something really silly and been stung a few times..

  4. You have a really cool head. I would have panicked I am sure.


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