Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Couple Days in My Life

The last couple days I've gone to the barn and ridden Preacher and Echo.  Also my daughter, Michele, came out and we rode together.  Yesterday after riding with a woman from the barn, 3 of my new barn  friends from the new barn went out for a late lunch.  Then Sarah came back and did a training session with Echo.  She worked with him on the ground going over poles and in a maze of those swim noodles.  He is still very frightened at times of things around his legs.  At one point a storm went over including hard rain, thunder and lightning and hale!  I don't think Echo even heard that, he was too concentrated on the stuff on the ground.  Sorry I didn't take photos.

Today I stayed home and did things around here.
It rained a little this morning but then got nice, sunny and cooler.
The little barn cat is making herself very much at home here.  The dogs are interested in her but not to the point of chasing her away.
Here's Rocky pointing her in the garage.

Monk gets yelled at when he goes in the garage because he keeps knocking everything over!!  (Not that he's clumsy!!!) So he's watching from the safety of the deck!

Here's little Pepsi, just lounging around.

I got this suet basket and put some veggies and fruit in there inside the chicken's run.

The cat sits back by the chickens and watches them and they watch her.

This is Dottie, my silver laced wyandotte.  I'm so hoping she isn't a cockerel since her comb seems to be a little redder than the others!

A few of my girls.

Have a nice day!!


  1. Hi Shirley!
    A cat named Pepsi is cute! My husband was a pepsi addict when i met him so many years ago. Sweet cat. Sounds like you had a busy day. I sure wish we'd get some rain here in our part of Kansas. So very hot and day! Ready for a cooling down with Autumn.
    God bless,

  2. I love your menagerie! :) Animals just have this special something that makes everyone smile. :)


  3. The picture of Rocky on point is THE BEST! Gosh it makes me think of my German Shorthaired Pointer!...:)JP


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