Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Hot Day with Storms.

We had 90 degree temps again and a storm with tornado warnings!
It went just south of here.  I don't think any tornados touched down though.
My sister is visiting and she has been going with me most days to soak Echo's hoof.  Thank goodness the abscess has worked it's way out the top at the coronary band.  He is no longer lame and just needs a patch with some Ichthammol on the spot to get it fully drained.  He can go outside in the courtyard for now.  They go out really early in the morning before the heat sets in.

Tomorrow we are going to Michele's, (my daughter's) to visit and maybe go somewhere for lunch.
Then Thursday my grandkids are coming to see the chickens.  They will be so surprised to see how they've grown!!  They last saw them as little chicks.  They wanted to come today but didn't because of the storms.

The chickens finally tried out their dusting box today!  It's amazing how they know to do that!
They flap around in there and get the dust all over themselves and under their wings.  It's a mixture of ash, dirt, sand and diatomaceous earth which will keep down any mites.  I still need a load of construction sand for inside the run on top the cement.  (At least 4 -5 inches of it.)  I can't find anyone with an actual worker truck!  Everyone I know has trucks with lids on the back.  Now, I ask you . . . what good it that!  I should get me a truck!



  1. Love hearing how your chicks are doing. Glad the horse's hoof is better. Stay cool, and Happy 4th.

  2. Hope you find everything youre looking for! lol



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