Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Decorated Coop

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I have been slowly doing little things to decorate my chicken coop.  The other day before the 97 degree weather hit us again, I went out in the morning and stenciled the outside.  I used to stencil for people in their homes so I have a lot of stencil patterns.  I had forgotten how fun and really quite quick it is to do.
I just did some ivy vines on the outside.  I plan on stenciling around the ceiling on the inside too (after it gets a little cooler.)  I don't know what stencil I'll use for there.
My brother-in-law made me the cute window and little window box.

I just have to say here that I LOVE my power drill/screwdriver!!  I don't know what I'd do without it.  I have a chop saw too but I'm too "chicken" to use it!

I didn't know what to put in the window so I just got a piece of plexiglass and some cute chicken photos and put them on some matt board.

OK, now you've got to help me.  I have an old piece of board that I want to letter the name of my coop on.  Trouble is, I don't know what to name it.
Please tell me any ideas you have.
I've thought of these so far:

The Breakfast Club
Twelve Yolks  (after Twelve Oaks from Gone With the Wind)
Fluffy Butt Inn
Cluck Med
Motel Chix

You get the idea . . .
Please help!

Look how big they're getting.  They're 11 weeks old.
They are past that goofy looking stage now and have a lot of their beautiful feathers.
Just chillin' here with the girls.

P.S.  My sister just came up with some:
Corwin's Cluckers
Hen Den
Cackle Shack (a play off "Caddie Shack")
Egg-a-day Chalet
The Egg Plant
Hen's Rule Ranch

I'm liking Cackle Shack since I'm surrounded by a golf course, my late husband golfed, my son golfs and most importantly my coop builder, Steve, is a avid golfer!!!!



  1. Hi Shirley, just love what done to the chicken coop! How lucky your chickens are!
    As to names....still thinking on that one....!

  2. Shirley that is THE most adorable chicken coop I've ever seen! I love so many of the names but the one you favor...Cackle Shack seems appropriate with all the golfers in the family!...:)JP

  3. That is so fun and the chickens in the window! The Cackle Shack does seem appropriate, although I love Twelve Yokes (huge Gone With The Wind fan here)

  4. Just beautiful, what a nice set up!



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