Friday, July 20, 2012

Had To Call The Police!

Well, I had an interesting morning
I went out to let my chickens out in the run which I did but when I went to open the man door to the coop, the key would not go into the padlock and I couldn't get into the coop.  Heaven knows I can't climb through the pop door everyday to clean!!
I ate some breakfast and hunted for some silicon spray thinking that may help.  I know I must have some but of course I couldn't find any.  So it was off to TSC to get some and another type of lock.
I squirted the silicon into the padlock but the key would only go halfway in no matter how I jiggled it.
Now, this was getting serious!  My husband was a cop so I knew I probably needed a pair of bolt cutters!  No, I didn't have them either.  So I did what any good cop's wife (widow) would do.  I called my township police department!  I told the dispatcher my problem which she was very nice about and sent a two man police car right over and along with them was someone from the building dept. with the bolt cutters!
The nice police man couldn't open it with the keys either but when the fellow from the building dept. tried he got it open without having to cut it.  We all had a good laugh and they couldn't believe how big my chickens were at 8 weeks!  The one cop couldn't believe I had to lock out the predators, namely raccoons.  The other guy said oh yes, they are the smartest creatures!
Yes they are!
Sorry no pictures, I didn't think the cops would appreciate their photos on my blog  : ))



  1. How nice that all turned out. Kinda one of the advantages of not living in a big city. And I bet part of that good service was because you are a cop's widow. Those eggs would have been expensive, had you needed to buy a bolt cutter!

  2. What an adventure! lol Well, Im glad everything worked out good! :)


  3. They probably all had a laugh about this around their dinner tables tonight ;-)


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