Sunday, July 8, 2012

Awww, the Heat Wave Broke!

Yesterday it was near 100 degrees!  A small little storm went over us and gave us about 3 minutes of rain and the "cold" front moved through.  By this morning there was a cool breeze and much less humidity.
My daisy's are in full bloom.

The weather was so beautiful that I met Michele at the barn and she rode Preacher for quite awhile.
The farrier is coming tomorrow to check out Echo's hoof where he had the abscess.  I'm hoping he can shoe him tomorrow.
The next few days are going to be in the low 80's and low humidity so it will be nice.  I'll be riding this week.

You can't hear it but the horses are happily munching their hay.  I love that sound.



  1. Isn't this relief from the heat wonderful!

  2. :) The lower temps & humidity are wonderful. I had my windows open til about 2pm today, when it started getting hot in the house and I knew hubby was on his way home from work soon...and would want to walk into a nice cool house!!

    Jan ♥


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