Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Home for Barn Kitty

When we moved to our last barn we took two barn kitties with us.
Pepsi and her mother (we just called her Gray Kitty)
Pepsi is friendly for an outside barn cat but the mother is almost feral.  We had them both spade before moving them.
Now they are losing their home so I went up and caught Pepsi and brought her to my house.  I doubt if we will ever catch Gray Kitty.  Last time we had to use live traps and the barn owner won't go to that much trouble I'm sure.  If any, that cat will do OK, fending for itself.
I put Pepsi in a large wire dog cage in my garage for a couple days.  By this morning she wanted out of there.  I made an attempt to transfer her to my basement for a few days but she got away.  Not far, she is staying close and knows where the food is.  

This is Monk inspecting the new arrival.

This is after the escape!

Meeting Miss Ellie.  Ellie wasn't at all nice; just growled at her and wanted to go in.  It was good she didn't chase Pepsi either time I had them together.  Ellie's "nose is out of joint"!

She's knows where the food and water is and has gone back in the garage several times.

I'm sure she is scratching fleas!  She will certainly not be allowed inside until we get some flea medicine on her!!

She seems very content on my property.  She shouldn't be bored; she has chickens to watch, a hummingbird feeder to watch, good food and two dogs and a grouchy cat to contend with!  

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  1. I'm so relieved that you have the barn cat Shirley she looks a pretty thing - (I'm presuming it's from Carole's Barn)...I hope you can get the other one too, it seems such a shame that they have to be separated.
    Rose H


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