Monday, January 18, 2010

2nd Time Around Thrifty Buys

Hi all, I'm joining in on "2nd Time Around" at Diane's blog. (A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words)
You can find her and all the other participants that have found great thrifty buys this week at:

It was slim pickin's at Goodwill this week and I haven't been there for about 3 weeks! So I visited another couple thrift shops too. The ladle I needed as I broke mine. ($1.00) It got stuck in my drawer. The rubber made container was $2.50, and the pretty cranberry scented bumpy hanging candles were 2.75.

This wonderful rooster pitcher was $2.00 It will be added to my rooster collection.

And these little rooster napkin holders!!! I love them. (50 cents each)

And look at this cute vintage apron with loads of pockets. (Yes, Sue . . . an apron!!) I could get into collecting these. My Grandma Wickersham was always making aprons on her old treadle sewing machine. (Childhood memory springing up!) She once put the needle through her thumb! Everyone used to tell that story : ))
That was all for this week! I did see a couple things I've been thinking about in a little antique/thrift store that I may just have to go back for : ))
Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Hi Shirley!

    You got some cute things! I really love those little white rooster napkin rings!

    I read your above post about the boiler system problems! So sorry to hear about that. But, it is not a good time of the year to not get somethng lie that fixed!

  2. Those are great finds. Aprons are really big right now, must be those childhood memories associated with them.:)

  3. My mom put a needle through her thumb using an old sewing machine like that - amazing - right through the nail and everything! YUK! That apron is wonderful - so are the chickens!!! Love those birds!

  4. I think you did pretty well. Love the white rooster!


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