Thursday, January 21, 2010

Decluttering My Scary Room!

I decided that I will put this post on "Show and Tell Friday". It probably won't fit in real well with all the cute things and the re-dos that people are going to list this week. But I certainly am showing you a room that no one but my sister sees! and I'm telling you about it, so I guess it will do! If you want to see really nice things visit Cindy and check out the participant list at:

Now, don't get scared or shocked or disgusted or anything!
This is my Craft Room!!!!!!!

I'm in the slow process of doing something about this!! Really, I am!!
I have joined the ranks of "FlyLady" to help me with my clutter problem.
If you don't know who she is you can check her out at:
I'm taking "baby-steps. (Even though I can hardly walk in here!!!)
As you can see on the shelves, I have already cleared up some space for my dishes : ))

This room is also my eBay boxing and mailing room. I have sold quite a bit of scrap-booking supplies on eBay. The bigger stuff sold very well like Sizzix and Stampin' Up Stamp sets but then you come down to little things, misc. stamps, opened packs of things and paper, paper, paper!!!
I could do give-a-ways but I've never done them before and that would take some time to figure out. Any ideas any of you scrap-bookers out there??? Let me know.
I have come up with one solution since my sister is a scrap-booker and makes a lot of wonderful cards.
I've decided to mail my "clutter" to her!!! : ))
She is actually thrilled to get these surprise packages in the mail!
Imagine that!!!

Here is a box of "stuff" I'm going to mail this next week. She already got her first box!

This is my sister's craft room!
Not to get confused with mine!! : ))
See, neat and tidy, everything in it's place. She must clean up every day after she's done doing a project!!! Now, there's a thought!!!!

She has way, way more "stuff" than I have!! I'm sure she doesn't really know all she has.
I'm sure she probably has some of the same "stuff" I'm mailing her!

The ribbon alone that she has is amazing!
Well, that's what I'll be doing for awhile! If you don't hear from me in awhile, tell them to go look in the craft room!

Have a great Friday everyone.


  1. Hellooooo, Shirleeeeyyyyy where are you? Quick everyone go look in the craft room. I think she may have fallen in and can't get out.
    Just kidding girl. You should see my mess downstairs. OMG. Disaster X 2.

  2. Shirley, anyone who doesn't have ANY parts of their house/garage which they'd prefer to hide just isn't NORMAL.

    This is my philosophy - - - THAT'S WHAT DOORS ARE FOR!!!! When your work room is messy - - - just close the door!

  3. I love that idea...of just closing the door. My fear is that I'm gonna be on the wrong side of the door, and all my craft stuff is gonna fall on me. :). I'm working on it tho..good luck with the de-cluttering Shirley..Just remember,some of the very best crafters have rooms they need to close off as well.

  4. Hey, your room isn't THAT should see one room I have full of "stuff"....I WILL have it cleaned and straightened up in the next 3 months!!!!

  5. I believe you can't be creative unless you make a mess. That being said, it does help when you know where everything is all the time. I'm forever hunting for something. Good luck with you project. --Delores

  6. Hard to stay organaized! Good for you that you are going to tackle it. I always am when I organized. Then about a month later it starts getting scary again! ha!


  7. You can do it! Getting some cute organizing bins helps and some good music! Have fun with it!

  8. Lucky lady, wish I had a craft room. I do have a computer room which is a mess though. My crafts are here, there and everywhere too.

  9. You can do it! My craft room/guest room looked horrid right before Thanksgiving but I was able to get it organized! You go girl!

  10. I have no room to make a comment about your craft room, there are just never enough hours in a day...Cheers,Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  11. How can your sister possibly know what all she has there! Yours will clean up eventually--just a bite at a time, as they say!

  12. Me? Scared and shocked? I don't think so....this is the envy of a lot of us crafters. Oh if only I had a room like this!!

    My show n tell is nothing but January Clearance items that I found if you'd like to view them....


    Would really enjoy your company today if you have time to stop by.

  13. Decluttering My Scary Room! Now that is a Subject Line which drew me in! It's real! Real life!

    Clutter is real life, even though it isn't as prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrety as pics of lovely things. I really appreciate you showing us your clutter, and etc.

    Have a great time, decluttering! You are my Hero! :-)

  14. Looks like you had/have your work cut out for you! New Year New You!!~~~Have fun!

  15. Take it a section at a time - you will get it done. I have a couple of closets that I am almost afraid to open the doors.

  16. My sewing room could be your room's twin--only I think your's looks a tad better. LOL! Not to worry though I think it's just part of us creative people for some reason. Keep at it and it'll come together.

    Cathy ♥

  17. Keep heart. Craft rooms are there to be used, not looked at. As long as you can still have fun in yours all is ok. Have fun while digging through your stuff, hopefully you will find some treasures.

  18. OK, it's messy, but it's no disaster. My basement is a mess from Christmas. It was a disaster, but I've slowly moved it to mess stage. You see when I entertain, I tend to dump. And the only place to dump is the basement!!!

    And one question (I'm new to your blog and just became a follower), why are you getting rid of all of your scrapbooking stuff??? Even if you don't scrapbook any more (I think I'm going to do most of mine on line in the future) I find the scarpbooking stuff great for other projects.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Shirley, thanks for sharing your room. I'll do mine too and you'll see that we are all fighting the same good fight. What a treasure for your sister. You could do a give-away by just filling a random box. I'm gonna do my 1st 1 soon.

  20. Oh, thank God! I'm not the only one.


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