Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowy Outdoor Wednesday

I'm joining Susan at her blog, A Southern Daydreamer", for Outdoor Wednesday. You can visit her blog here to see all the other participants. http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/

I know you southerners are getting cold weather too but I just know you like to see us northerners up here in all this snow!! : }} I don't really mind the snow except for when the road conditions are really bad and I have to drive somewhere! I don't like below 20 degrees either, only because my house then gets cold. (Poor insulation in this old house.) Next year, I have to do something about that, but this year it's my kitchen!! :))

Love the cardinals in the winter. They are even more brilliant.

Here is my poor mailbox that gets hit by the snowplow guy at least twice a winter! So far I've been able to stand it back up this winter. The blue tub is for any packages that I get.

There are a lot of dog people that walk their dogs religiously down our road, in any weather. I'm not one of them. Sorry Cesar!! I know I'm bad!

We had beautiful blue skies a few days ago!! Super cold but it didn't seem so bad with the sun out!

Nasty icicles! They'll tear your gutters right down!!

How about a picnic? This is the deck where I did all my tablescapes this summer. Looks a little different now!
Well, I'm about sick of taking snow photos unless I get some good ones of the horses in snow!
Stay warm everyone.


  1. Oh my Shirley! This really is a winter wonderland. Beautiful shots! I really enjoyed seeing these images...

  2. Yor snow pictures are just beautiful, Shirley. It looks very cold though. We used to live in a suburb of Chicago and I don't think I can live in a cold city anymore although it's been cold here too, the coldest winter ever, since we moved here....Christine

  3. Beautiful photos! Beautiful to look at, but do not want it here. Love the red cardinal next to the white! Thanks for sharing your world of snow!

  4. It looks like a snow fairyland..it's beautiful and your home is just as beautiful. I know it's so cold, but thank you for these pretty pictures.
    Try to stay warm..

  5. oh my, you're covered and living in winter wonderland!:p

  6. Hi Shirley, love the icicles. That's a lot of snowfall too, and looks so cold! Your photos are just a beautiful winter wonderland.

  7. Freezing bu t beautiful! I just became your follower.

    Tunnels in Korea

  8. You have a gorgeous house! And so much snow!

  9. Those icicles look positively lethal. Be careful.

  10. What beautiful pictures! I love to take pictures outdoors because they look so professional. Of course, all of yours do--both inside and outside. Your home looks beautiful in the snow. You need to take one of your pics and blow it up to hand on your wall.


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