Saturday, January 2, 2010

Second Day of the Year-Snow & Cold

Well, it snowed all night and this is what the morning looked like. I was surprised that my plow guy hadn't been here yet. It's not a huge amount of snow but I was afraid to attempt getting out with my little Honda so my daughter went to the barn this morning. It was so cold last night that I'm sure there's ice in the horse's water buckets and you have to empty them and refill with the water that comes from underground so they can drink. Horses need to drink a lot of water with their hay and they won't drink icy cold water. Anyway . . . my plow guy came about 1 PM and it has quit snowing for the moment but very cold and windy. My house won't go above 66 degrees which is cold for me. I have layers on!!

Brrrrr. (And I need a truck!!)


  1. Oh, so beautiful! I love winter for the scenes ...
    It is 16 here at 6PM ... TERRIBLY cold. All heaters going & still chilly.

    Happy New Year! May your year bring beauty, joy & blessings ...
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Beautiful pictures! I hope you (and your horses) stay warm. I think it's cold every where. It's currently 27 degrees in TN and supposed to drop to even more tonight. I'm already dreading my electric bill coming in next month!

  3. I loath ice in my water buckets...but I won't put in heated buckets...It worries me it might cause a fire ;) I agree on the truck; I need one too :) Stay Warm!!

  4. It is sooooo beautiful!




    Light a fire in your fireplace, put your feet up, and stay cozy!

  5. I'm cold just looking at it! Got an electric blanket---snuggle in!

  6. I hear you. My VW is great in the snow except for one is too low to clear the depth. I can't drive on the ridges because they scrape the bottom of my car. I lost a trim piece in the snow last year.
    Stay snuggled up.

  7. Shirley,
    Your pictures of all the snow are beautiful. I'm glad you like the clothespins. I used the small round magnets and also the long magnet in a roll that you can cut to size. The rolled magnet worked a little better I thought. Good luck and Happy New Year!


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