Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flooring Arrived

Inspiration picture.

My contractor, Ray, dropped off all my flooring for the kitchen and dining room. I made a space for it in my living room. Everything is just sitting all over the place. I think I'll have to put off organizing this floor till after the kitchen is done because it's only going to get much worse from here. The kitchen is now scheduled to be started the first week in February.

It's a pre-engineered oak hardwood.

My big decision now is which way to lay it. This is the way the living room floors (and the rest of the house is), but because it is 2 steps down into this part of the house I could have it either way. I just don't know!!!!!!!!! All these decisions!!!!!!
My inspiration picture at the top shows it going the other way, and I like that. So maybe . . . . . What do you all think???????


  1. Its gorgeous...I bet you are on cloud nine!!!

  2. I think that whichever way you choose, you will LOVE the new floors. I love them already and they are still in the box!

  3. It is nice Shirley.
    You lay the flooring in the direction that will require the least amount of cuts. In your inspiration pic you can see it running the length of the cupboards. Can you imagine how it would look if it was cut into short boards laid back and forth, left to right in between the sink and the island. Not good. Too choppy.
    Go with the long flow.

  4. Oh I know you're getting excited --how wonderful -- can't wait to see as this progresses.


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