Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Dining Room Floor

This was my old flooring in the dining room. Hated the parquet and it was water damaged a couple places.

However, that wasn't the worse part! Whoever did this floor before we bought the house only put the hardwood around the edge and just put plywood in the middle where the carpet would be. Can you say CHEAP!!!!!!!!

The first planks go down. This is Oak. Color is "Gunstock". It's an engineered hardwood.

My carpenter laying the floor.

All done. What a difference. I love it.

Looks like it's always been here. (That's the idea :~))

This is the doorway leading into the kitchen. The tear out of the whole kitchen starts on Monday!!!!!!! Same flooring will go all the way through.


  1. Oh, Shirley, it's beautiful and I'm jealous! I want wood floors in the worst way. Maybe a bit of planned water damage will get the job done, eh?

  2. Beautiful floors, nice choice! One day, I will get wood floors (fingers crossed)!

  3. That is a very cute cat you've got. Your floor looks very clean.

  4. Wood floors make all the difference. I know you are enjoying them!

  5. Looks great! I cannot believe how someone originally layed that! LOL

    We have some cheap fake wood in our mud room that is water damaged and whoever laid it did it wrong and it's seperating - ugh!

  6. I love the new look; hardwood floors are so timeless. We had ours redone about 1 year ago and it was so worth it. I loook forward to seeing the kitchen!

  7. I love your new hardwood floors! They look great. That sure was a crappy before job. I've never in my life seen something like that done.

  8. Lovely! I love the look of wood floors.

    There are 2 of you gals on the blogs I follow [with Google Reader] who are installing wood floors. And loving them! :-)


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